Sunday, October 23, 2016

A dream yet not a Dream

I had a dream, saw a dove (i guess pigeon) feeding her young chicks in their coup on a tree top. The chicks were chirping of happiness and satisfaction. Suddenly an eagle appeared and snatched away that bird, leaving those fragile and helpless babies crying behind of seeing their mother been robbed from them, clamped between strong claws of that eagle. I was screaming n mourning as well by that site of the pain and agony on both sides- hearing of the painful sound on one and the sight of dragging on the other. Helpless, I was feeling the fear that bird went through- of dying and the pain of missing her little love who were to be never seen again, or how would they survive of their own. I got awakened from that sleep where then I realized that it was a dream. Unfortunately, that is our real world too.

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