Sunday, June 11, 2017


In this modern era where we see increasing level of chaos and destruction, especially when we hear of terrorism, where media reports of such people quoting the name of god, I strongly believe that there is a severe lack of responsibilities from the parents initially, then the education and a society for wholesome education. 
A child is not born terrorist, but societies make so, societies in the sense people encountered in the journey of one's life, brain washing with all the fake assurances of being blessed from such sacrifices and extremities. 
Firstly, parents should be well educated to differentiate between good and bad, and the same information should be repeatedly instilled in the maturing brains of his/her siblings, providing quality and quantity times with one's offspring. Only then the external influence will have less impact. 
But in this modern societies, where we see the number of demonstrations, destructions, radical abuses, where mature and elderly people people are involved themselves, who must be having kids at home to see and follow- so what good can we expect from the future generations, being born and brought up in such families, who already feel that destructions and selfishness is the way of life.

I strongly believe in some of the religious view of saying that we have entered the phase of degeneration, because current generations are already infected with the disease of disharmony, disobedience, destructive emotions, so on, so our future generations will see it as more of culture.

Best solution for the healthy world could have been humanity and not divinity, because the moment we start searching divinity ignoring humanity, we are already on wrong track.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

How much we know oneself

Knowing great figures or even the gods is not a big issue because there will be thousands of materials through multi media displaying the history, geography, qualities and characters of that figure. But the greatest challenge lies in knowing self, because no one knows other than oneself, nowhere we can find the information but by self observation. 
Sadly, this is the most lacking part of wisdom in most men and women, because of which we see lots of chaos and disorders, as, instead of watching and observing self and ones moves in life, the people are busy focusing onto the external world, onto other's business.

Making habit of sitting quitely even for 5 minutes and watching self/physical/emotional and mental status could bring a tremendous changes in one's life as we then realize that the first fault lies in one's view upon the world, judgemental view.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A dream yet not a Dream

I had a dream, saw a dove (i guess pigeon) feeding her young chicks in their coup on a tree top. The chicks were chirping of happiness and satisfaction. Suddenly an eagle appeared and snatched away that bird, leaving those fragile and helpless babies crying behind of seeing their mother been robbed from them, clamped between strong claws of that eagle. I was screaming n mourning as well by that site of the pain and agony on both sides- hearing of the painful sound on one and the sight of dragging on the other. Helpless, I was feeling the fear that bird went through- of dying and the pain of missing her little love who were to be never seen again, or how would they survive of their own. I got awakened from that sleep where then I realized that it was a dream. Unfortunately, that is our real world too.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


               (The world of drama, be it for religion or mundane, we just see drama. 
                The world of dharma, be it for religion or mundane, we just see the dharma)

I come from a small village located in South Central Bhutan, which comprises of only two religious groups- Hindu and Buddhist, and I am the descendant of Hindu. An auspicious start towards Buddha Dharma- in 2003, when I was studying at Punakha Higher Secondary School, undergoing my 12th standard, I lived in a rented apartment. Few hundred meters above, lies a Buddhist temple, where then I found a reason to visit as a source of hope for qualifying through my studies and also to rejoice the serene beauty of that peaceful environment so that I could concentrate well on my studies. I made frequent visits, almost everyday, greeting the old monk who stayed alone (and still). One day, I remember his soft voice asking me to stay with him. without a second thought my voice echoed " yes I will certainly". Taking the opportunity as blessings, I stayed there for almost a year till I completed my studies. His adoption was more of grandson than a stranger, with full trust to the extent of leaving entire temple to be guarded upon during his absence. He guided me at times through the basics of Buddhism, though my approach towards learning was minimal. But throughout the stay, I enjoyed closely observing those sacred statues, relics, texts and the type of practices he did. I completed my studies successfully and then left for my higher studies.

Almost 7 years later, after I joined service in 2010, I started feeling the craving for learning Buddhism, and that was when questions started erupting in my mind; what is Buddhism, where can I find it- in the statues, texts, or what makes me a different person being Buddhist, and many more. This longing was not simply a quest to learn, but the devotion so deep and unwavering that I travelled to Sikkim, India to join monkhood. However, not fulfilling for some reasons, I then went to one of the Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan, located in Bumthang called Kharchu Dratshang. Throughout the journey of seeking the path, I got striking answers from my friends who are Buddhist monks referred as Khempo. All their wisdom and advice to me was that “practicing Buddhism is not external and one needn’t necessarily change robe or quit job”. That was when I decided to seek middle path thereafter, balancing social, professional and spiritual journey of living Buddhism. 

However, every time I think of my practice, I correlate the immense support and guidance of my fortune grandfather- the monk who is now about 90s in age, still active in managing his own livelihood. 

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Thousand objectives and commitments could could one fulfillment,
One single output from all those would count thousand fulfillment


Obstacles that we consider in a mundane world are the opportunities in Dharma practices......a perfect example, a crumbling defeat from an opponent, or a sharp kick on the ass, otherwise having a pain sensation at its mundane experiences, is a perfect opportunity on the path of Dharma, an opportunity of endurance, realization of in-depth wisdom  through experience within that piece of hardship.....

Thus, all is the matter of realization, nothing good or bad inherently

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Seeing fault in others have two sources;

Either the opponent poses that faulty behavior, or because of one's own negative attitude that we fail to see the good things in others