Sunday, June 11, 2017


In this modern era where we see increasing level of chaos and destruction, especially when we hear of terrorism, where media reports of such people quoting the name of god, I strongly believe that there is a severe lack of responsibilities from the parents initially, then the education and a society for wholesome education. 
A child is not born terrorist, but societies make so, societies in the sense people encountered in the journey of one's life, brain washing with all the fake assurances of being blessed from such sacrifices and extremities. 
Firstly, parents should be well educated to differentiate between good and bad, and the same information should be repeatedly instilled in the maturing brains of his/her siblings, providing quality and quantity times with one's offspring. Only then the external influence will have less impact. 
But in this modern societies, where we see the number of demonstrations, destructions, radical abuses, where mature and elderly people people are involved themselves, who must be having kids at home to see and follow- so what good can we expect from the future generations, being born and brought up in such families, who already feel that destructions and selfishness is the way of life.

I strongly believe in some of the religious view of saying that we have entered the phase of degeneration, because current generations are already infected with the disease of disharmony, disobedience, destructive emotions, so on, so our future generations will see it as more of culture.

Best solution for the healthy world could have been humanity and not divinity, because the moment we start searching divinity ignoring humanity, we are already on wrong track.


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I am with you. Enlightening one

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